10 Things I Sometimes Think About:

1.  How fast Life is passing.

2.  How little I’ve achieved so far.

3.  How badly I want to succeed at being a good person.

4.  The Real meaning of Love.

5.  If trusting others really improves the quality of Life.

6.  The different paths my life could have taken at various points.

7.  Why I don’t draw anymore.

8. The people I used to know but don’t anymore.

9.  What adventures and discoveries are still waiting for me – if any.

10.  Why I don’t have more interesting thoughts…



Waking up…

Bismihi Ta’ala

Another long spell between postings…

I’ve been wondering why this has been happening.  When I started off blogging, I used to be able to do it quite regularly.  I’d sit down whenever the urge took me and type out something.   But for the past few years, I seem to spend more time thinking about writing than actually writing!

It seems to me now that maybe I shifted from writing for myself to writing for my readers and with that came the added responsibility of suddenly saying not what I felt like saying, but what I felt my readers wanted to hear.  It’s true that every writer writes to be read, but that should be the secondary reason I think.  If you write to be read, you will never be completely honest and without honesty, there is no soul to a piece of writing.

I’ve been waiting  – sometimes for months – before blogging because I wanted to make sure I was saying something important or deep or serious or correct.  But those moments don’t come too regularly in life.  Every day routine is about the common, the ordinary and frankly, often , the boring.

So, starting with this post, I’m going to shift back to the way my older posts were (have you read me from the beginning? Which post(s) have been your favourite?  Do let me know in the comments 🙂 ).  I’m going to have fun, enjoy the small things and when they happen, share the big ones as well.

I’m going to write about how my day was or what I saw that was interesting.  I might write about the mundane sometimes and the extraordinary others, I might complain about petty things or proselytize about inner journeys.  I will sometimes say the right thing and many times will simply be expressing an opinion that could be wrong.  The main thing is, I will be writing for me again.   However, you’re all more than welcome to read and either agree or disagree.

This blog was always meant to be about looking at Life differently, freshly!  And I think it’s time to put the Peppermint back into the Prose 🙂

See you all more often, insh’Allah (God-Willing)!



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