sometimes. maybe.

Some days, I don’t have much to say of sense. 

Some weeks, it seems I can’t make out a Monday from a Friday. 

Some months, I can’t believe how much time has passed.

And if Time has flown past on light wings leaving barely a breeze behind…then why am I still so tired?

Why do I feel like an tub of ice-cream that’s been scooped out, scraped to the bottom and has the memory of every spoonful being taken out of it?


P.S. you with the spoon, I think I might hate you.  sometimes.  maybe… 
P.S. 2.  But mostly not.


4 thoughts on “sometimes. maybe.

  1. One Picture

    Thanks…I’m glad it made sense to someone.

    I know I haven’t been commenting on your blog but I have been reading and there was a post you did a while back that pretty much made me feel like you had come into my mind and read the words from there!

    And no it’s not odd…as my latest post will attest to. I think it’s the world’s way of showing you that you can ‘belong’ in the most unexpected places.

    I’m glad to know you’re still reading me…


  2. This is so beautiful. It’s like it speaks to me. Is it odd that you wrote it, but I feel like it’s my exact thoughts..?
    I love it, and I love your writing 🙂

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