Yes, Still Here

It’s not like I have a lot to write right now…wait, that’s not true. I *do* have a lot, too much perhaps. Which is why I’m still sifting through the bits and pieces so that it doesn’t come out as a jumble of confused thoughts. I guess if you’re following this then it might be good news because it should (hopefully) mean that there’s going to be a series of many posts once I get started 🙂

But yeah, this is just a note to say to you – and to remind myself – that I’m still here. And I still remember that I have an unfinished series to complete from last year. I dunno why it’s taken me this long, but just as the first three parts were what I needed to say then, I think I needed to wait and re-understand some things before I’d be able to finish the last three parts.

In the meantime, with the last month of 2009 upon us, it’s time perhaps to wonder what we have achieved in the past year and how much more we can manage in the next few weeks.

Muharram also begins in about half a month. So for Muslims it’s that time of the year when you need to sit down and see where your priorities lie, who and what is really important, how much have you managed to pack for the Journey ahead in the past year and how much more you need to get together before you get your ‘Let’s Go’ call.

Wishing you all the best in the next two Idds 🙂 May the Love of the Ahlul Bayt (a)* fill your hearts to the brim and overwhelm you with its warmth and power. Ameen.

bint Ali

*Ahlul Bayt : Family of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon them)


"Your sickness is within you, though you do not realize,

And your cure is within, yet you do not see.

You claim that you are nothing but a tiny entity,

Yet wrapped up inside of you is the greatest universe.

You are the clear book, through whose letters

All that is secret is revealed and made known.

So you have no need for anything outside of you,

Your consciousness is within you, though you do not know..."

– Ali ibn Abu Talib