This Too Shall Pass…

Nothing satisfies the heart like poetry.  So I’m going through a blue phase (thus the lack of posts), and I’ve found that when that happens, I seek one of two (completely opposite) sources to restore my balance.  One is du’a and the other is Emily Dickinson.

There is of course no comparison between the two and there is no doubt that I only have to open a book of translated supplications and I am guaranteed an answer, and one that will lift every weight clean off my shoulders.  But sometimes, the ache is so sweet that you want to suffer its existence just a little bit longer before cleansing yourself of it.  Perhaps this need to indulge it is an indication that it is not such a big deal after all; that deep inside I know that this too shall pass like all the others before.

And thus, I present you with an Emily gem:

Heart We Will Forget Him

Heart, we will forget him,
You and I, tonight!
You must forget the warmth he gave, 
I will forget the light

When you have done pray tell me,
Then I, my thoughts, will dim.
Haste! ‘lest while you’re lagging,
I may remember him!

– Emily Dickinson

(I’ll get to the du’as soon enough, they’re calling me already in fact…)

bint Ali


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