There’s a Storm a Brewin’

It began with a distant rumble, like the distant roar of a plane and then it lengthened and lingered longer than any aircraft sound I’ve heard. That was when I knew it was thunder, and the thrill of it sent shivers down my spine. The prospect of a storm does that to me. And I love that no matter how many years pass, some things still have a childish-hold over me 🙂

Tonight is especially more magical because I got the best of both skies. Earlier, the full moon was out and the air was so clear, you could almost reach out and pluck the stars out of the sky. There was that shortening of distance that happens so rarely, you know, when you not only say the air isn’t thick, it just isn’t. Period.

And now it’s raining. Not the gentle drizzle-to-shower rain, this is the slowly-stampeding-down-street, rattling-on-the-rooftops rain. And as I stood by my window staring at the empty streets waiting as the thundering of drops travelled deliciously slowly towards me, I couldn’t help but wonder how many people were missing it. It took a full 5-7 seconds from the moment I heard that first drumming to the moment when the first drops actually hit the street before me. Seconds that lasted long enough for me to tuck away the feeling into a pocket of eternity.

With every sentence I’m typing, the rhythm of the storm is changing, making a melody of its own and every so often, there is a crack of thunder that makes me jump (and then shudder) and then it dies away into disgruntled, comforting grumbles as if in apology for scaring me.

I love this weather. It’s the perfect climate for dreaming the impossible, for chasing away all doubts, for feeling like you can and you will and that that the whole world is in tune with you. It’s exciting, romantic, fantastic, adventurous weather, where you can do things and say things and create things that the normal, sunny-afternoon you would never dare to do, say or create.

Pity it’s 2 a.m. and I’m stuck in the house 😛 but my spirit is going to paint the stormy skies every chatoyant hue it can imagine. Who knows, I might bump into fellow storm-surfer up there! 🙂

Bint Ali