Blogger Back (Bang Not Included).

Hmm…has it really been that long? Feels longer. I guess this is where I could apologize to all the readers that I fully expect to flock to my blog sometime in the not-too-distant future for leaving such a large, postless gap of time. But since, by the time The Flock does arrive, the gap will be no more to them then the simple scroll of a mouse, I shall skip the grovelling.

Blogging is weird. When you start off, you can’t stop. Every day, you want to go online and put up more, regardless of whether someone is reading your words or not. Then you hit a bump and you skip a day, then maybe another and pretty soon, you want to skip it everyday, regardless of whether someone is waiting to read your words or not.

Then when you come back, it all-guns-blazing and itchy-fingers until …you actually sit at the computer, hands poised over the keyboard and think to yourself, “What the hell am I supposed to write now?”  And that’s where I am.

It’s not that I don’t have stories to tell.  I probably have more than I’ve ever had in my entire life. The problem is there are too many stories and not enough time.  I feel like if I actually, seriously started on even one of them, I’d have to keep typing for the next week or so, because I wouldn’t be able to stop.

That’s probably why the best writing advice is that when an idea grips you, Put It Down.  Don’t wait.  Just grab the nearest things you have: pen and paper, ketchup and napkin, lipstick and mirror – whatever -just write it down.  You might not forget it, but you might find that you don’t have the physical capacity to put it down later.

I could write about what a year 2007 has been and what a year 2008 promises to be and how I have no idea what the 9th to 11th years of the 21st Century have in store for me, but I’m really hoping I’m still around for the 12th.  I could write about all the new things I’ve done since I last posted, and new places I’ve been to.

I could write about the highs and the lows, the sunshine and the rain, the blue skies and the grey clouds, the silence and the sounds, the tears and the laughter, the nights and the days, the pride and the embarrassment, the hopes and the dreams – and who knows, maybe over the next few weeks, I will.  

For now, all I have to offer is that I’m back.  That’s enough for me.  I hope it is for you too.

Bint Ali.


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