Ego Fest (Raw)

I dream not… aka Ego Fest

I dream not of velvet skies, 
but the eyes that would look up at them,
(with mine.)

I dream not of tree-lined walks, 
but the feet that would tread them 
(beside mine.)

I dream not of blooms, 
but the hands that would pluck them 
(for me.)

I dream not of loving words, 
but the voice that would whisper them 
(to me.)

I dream not of gentle smiles, 
but the lips that would indulge in them
(for me.)

I dream not of love, 
but the heart that would cherish it 
(for me.)

I dream not of life,
but the soul that would complete it
(for me.)

annotated 11th January 2008

For various reasons, I’ve decided to actually add a footnote to an old post – not something I want to make a practice of, but perhaps necessary in this case.

When people write poetry, they do so for various reasons.  Sometimes to bring out their innermost emotions, and sometimes to indulge their imagination.  Not every verse written reflects the true state of poet’s mind or heart.

The poem above was meant to be wishful, maybe even a little sad.  But as the words wrote themselves, I realised it was actually a sarcastic, cynical piece.  The idea that struck me was how much of the things we desire are based on selfish reasons.  It’s all about me and what I can get.

Even when we speak of love, is it truly love that we want or the self-satisfaction it gives our egos to be admired/coveted?  I realised that all the romantic things related to our lives are about our own gratification.  The need to be idolized, to be put on a pedestal, to be adored, petted and praised above all others.

I guess, if there was a conclusion to be had from this piece it is that the only Love worth indulging in is the one where you have to actually sacrifice or give up your sense of ‘me’.  And that really only comes in play when you’re talking about your relationship with God.

So don’t get all mushy when you read the poem above.  Instead, think about how many of the ‘selfless’ emotions in your life are actually selfish…

Bint Ali