The Way Things Are

Life has a funny way of happening. And when it does, it reminds you that you are not your life.  You simply live it out.  There is the essence of you that exists beyond your life, which is simply a period of time that has a beginning, an end and a sequence of events that connect the two.

Right now, things in my life are at the brink of a milestone. I can look back and see the almost-perfect childhood, and then the many years in between that seem to have passed in no more than mere existence (and yet may contain lessons that I will only appreciate in some distant future) and now the present – which is happening.  In the sense of changing, morphing, challenging, and basically becoming active.

Deadlines test the mettle of who we are, but change is what really brings out our inner fears. Sometimes you ask for something and it’s so long in the coming that you begin to wonder if you really wanted it all along. Maybe that is a lesson too – maybe when we want something really badly, it’s the urgency that is more prominent than the actual need. Given enough time, we can really do without it, no matter what it is.

And sometimes, the only way to make sense of things is to believe that whatever is happening is happening according to a Grand Plan that is beyond your comprehension. A Plan that serves the better good even when you can’t understand how.

Perhaps timing is a flashing arrow, suggestive of the way the future lies. I can’t see how else to make sense of why things have happened at the time they have. Would spacing it out over the past rather than squishing it all in a smaller span of time have made any difference? Maybe the ripples would have had an effect on the lives of others; people I don’t necessarily know.

There has to be a reason. That is all I know. I just hope I get to find out what that reason is sometime before The End 🙂

Bint Ali

Current Read:
Marley & Me by John Grogan

Current Saying:
“Sometimes, if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly beneath you, you suddenly know everything theres is to be known.”


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