I’ve Caught The Bug!

I’m on facebook! Check out my page or search for Bint Ali 🙂

Well, actually I’ve been on facebook for over a year, but I just never was inspired to do anything on my page.  It seemed like too much work for too small (or non-existent) an audience.  But suddenly, friends and family are popping up on it so I figured, why not use it to stay in touch and avoid the hassle of email.

The only thing I’ve got linked up is this journal so you can read me there if you like. On a personal note, it’s kinda cute, but not really addictive unless you’re a 15-year-old with no other aim in life except to excel at social skills.

Completely the opposite of the whole curb-the-inner-chatter and listen-to-the-sound-of-silence movement. 

College starts tomorrow and I’m so determined to make sure things are more balanced this semester.  I’m hoping I can manage that, although I should be saying that “I will manage it” and “I have managed it already”. 

No, I’m not talking about applying the speed of light theory.  I watched The Secret on DVD.  And I’m trying to put into practice the whole Law of Attraction and Attitude of Gratitude principle.

It’s amazing how so much of what these guys say is Islamic, and I’m wondering why no one seems to realise that the one thing all these different ‘amazing’ and ‘change-your-life’ theories have in common is that they are all mentioned in Islam!

So there we go, another reason to apply the AoG – Thank God for making me a Muslim! 😀

Bint Ali

Current Saying: 

“Who is more to be pitied, a writer bound and gagged by policemen or one living in perfect freedom who has nothing more to say?”
-Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., novelist (1922-2007)


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