Why I Believe in Him

Because when I need to hear from Him, or I need a push in the right direction, but I’m stubbornly refusing to go to Him, He reaches out and communicates with me – through my inbox.

I got this in a mail today that I almost deleted without reading. Only after reading it did I realise that it’s quite possible that the person who decided what to put in the newsletter and send it out to thousands around the globe might have chosen this particular passage simply because God knew I was on the mailing list and needed to read it.

And maybe I’m deciding to post it up here because someone somewhere needs to read it too.  If you’re here, this message is specially for you from Him. I know.  He sent me one too.

Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (a)’s letter to his son:

“Realize this truth my son:

“That the Lord Who owns and holds the treasures of the Heaven and the Earth has given you permission to ask and beg for them, and has promised to grant your prayers.

“He has told you to pray for His favours that they may be granted and to ask for His blessings that they may be bestowed.

“He has not appointed guards to prevent your prayers reaching Him, nor is there any need for anybody to intercede before Him on your behalf.

“If you go back upon your promises, if you break your vows or start doing things that you have repented from, He will not immediately punish you, neither has He refused you His favours and (He) grants in haste; and if you repent once again, He neither taunts you nor betrays you though you may fully deserve both, but He accepts your repentances and forgives you.

“He never grudges His forgiveness or refuses His mercy; on the contrary, He has decreed repentance as a virtue and pious deed.

“The merciful Lord has ordered that every evil deed of yours will be counted as one and every good deed and pious action will be rewarded tenfold. He has left the door of repentance open.

“He hears you whenever you call him. He accepts your prayers whenever you pray to Him.

“You beg of him to grant you your heart’s desires, you lay before Him the secrets of your heart, you tell Him about all the calamities that have befallen you and misfortunes which face you and beseech His help to overcome them.

“You invoke His help and support in difficulties and distress. You implore Him to grant you long life and sound health; you pray to Him for prosperity and you request of Him such favours and grants that none but He can bestow and award.

“Think over it that by simply granting you the privilege of praying for His favours and mercies, He has handed over the keys of His treasures to you.

“Whenever you are in need, you pray and He confers His favours and blessings.”

What more is there left to write?

Bint Ali



4 thoughts on “Why I Believe in Him

  1. Re: Sighhhhh

    Ender’s Game will totally be worth it. Card is a master storyteller – I’d love to know what his secret is. Also, read Stonefather – lovely short novella.

  2. Re: Sighhhhh

    Sorry, about that… I set the screening filter on for precisely these times when I don’t blog for ages.

    I’m making my way backwards through your blog and have just stopped for the moment at the post about Ender’s Game. Considering it was highly recommended to me a few years ago as well and I haven’t got around to reading it yet, I’m thinking this is a double hint that I should get to it pronto!

    DM follows this response…

  3. Re: Sighhhhh

    I thought it was marked as spam, so I made a new account to properly communicate. Ignore my previous direct message then, please.

    I read all the way to the end of your blog last night. Devoured everything, finished reading your last letter at 4am in the morning. Im still stunned. God bless you. Any feedback would be useful.

    Also, I have a random (business) proposition for you, regarding Surviving Zahra. Let me know through Direct Message if interested.

  4. Re:Sighhhhh


    Ahsant, glad some people are still reading even though I’ve taken a longish break from blogging. Hoping to get back on the scene soonest, iA with all your dua’s.


    P.S. Thanks for the recommend on your blog 🙂 Looking forward to reading through it properly!

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