Just Because…

Yup, just because…I have a blog and I can post an entry on it, I am.

First week of hols and I have to be back in college finishing up leftover work.  I had kinda hoped I would be able to have all 4 weeks off and do some creative development, allow my senses to evolve and so on.   But now it seems like I’ll have only 3 weeks.  i guess it’s better than the two weeks that I first thought I’d get.  

I need to seriously set up a schedule for myself or else I’ll just fall into the “I’ll get started tomorrow routine”.  So I’m going to make lists, allocate timings, and make sure I actually get around to doing some of the things I promised myself I’d do. 

And I’ll start with all of that tomorrow.

Bint Ali
P.S.  I’m still asking “Why?” and still no reply.  But I won’t give up and when I get my answer, I’ll make sure to come and dedicate a whole post to it.


4 thoughts on “Just Because…

  1. Re: Fellow Being Given To Dilly-dally-ing

    sorry.. i didnt leave any name
    i will this time 🙂
    sticking-to-the-list is exactly what i can’t seem to do. i plan everything and then when i have to do it.. something distracts me.. :s
    well.. again if you do have any ideas, let me know 😀

  2. Fellow Being Given To Dilly-dally-ing

    At least something ‘unexpected’ happens in your next day! 😀 I rarely even have that excuse.

    But, to my credit, I’m working hard on the magazine. And I did make some lists and now it’s only the sticking-to-the-list bit that’s left to tackle. If I manage, I most surely will let you know.

    However, in order to do that, you need to leave me some clue to your identity. In all honesty, it drives me absolutely wild when I can’t make out who left a comment. Just initials will do if you don’t want to announce your entire name to the few people who occasionally drop by.

    Or you could leave me a hint, and I’ll figure it out and come to your inbox 😛

    Bint Ali

    P.S. I have a sinking feeling that the only way to get
    around procrastination is simply to sit down and work.

  3. haha.. hope you DO start tomorrow..
    i know i find procrastination my major fall-back, too and its kind of hard to get rid off. you keep delaying things until the next day and something unexpected happens on that ‘next’ day.. so it delayed again to the next. its horrible.. just makes me feel lazy and without realizing it i have wasted almost an entire day..
    if you get any ideas on how to keep all those lists and n schedule.. please let me know.. it wud be helpful! 🙂

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