The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a little miffed by the fact that the whole Superman saga was based so much on Superman. In my opinion, the hero of the whole tale is Clark Kent.

When I was younger, all the girls I knew heaved collective sighs (as only young girls can) whenever Christopher Reeve appeared with the famous cowlick, and all the boys wished they had muscles they could flex that well under spandex. (Reeve is probably the only man who could ever carry off the ‘clinging to every curve’ phenomenon without a whisper of femininity crossing the mind.)

But while all this hero-worship and sighing was going on, the only thing I was thinking about was what an unfair deal CK was getting. Brawn just never has had a chance over brain in my dimension. I mean, being Superman is easy, isn’t it? All he has to do is whoosh! into the air and everyone looks up to him – literally, as well as figuratively. But CK…now, being CK is a whole different deal.

I’m sure the inventors of Kent had the word Nice Guy pasted somewhere as inspiration for every move he made. And seriously, the guy – fictitious as he is – has the power to tug at every heartstring that was ever strung across any true-blooded female heart, no matter how cynical.

The classic off-beat, slightly clumsy, a little tuned-out, socially-inept intellectual has always been in a class of his own. There was CK and Peter Parker (although he never matched up to Clark), there was Remington Steele (who in my book beats every James Bond, including Brosnan’s own), there was Jerry Steiner in Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (who even remembers that show except me?) and more recently Adam Brody’s Seth Cohen from The O.C. who has literally revived (or is it initiated?) the Age of The Geek and definitely invented the last fad-phrase: Geek-Chic!! 😀

Pronounced geek-sheek (for the French-challenged), this new term means that suddenly, it’s not only okay to have a crush on that gawky, bespectacled, shy-guy who sits right up in the front of the class and has his head buried in a book most of the time, it’s actually cool . And if he can trip over the odd pebble, sprawl out occasionally on the sidewalk, utter completely absurd statements and fumble with anything smaller than a large-sized tome – all the better!

Mind you, there’s a huge difference between a ‘geek’ and a ‘nerd’. The former might be hot, the latter is definitely not. And just so you don’t mess things up, a nerd is someone who knows every piece of factual information about his highly complicated hobby/career.

A geek on the other hand is “…obsessed with things (he) should have no reason to know about. You’re not a geek until you take your obsession beyond socially acceptable levels.” And obsession here usually refers to science and sci-fi oriented stuff, according to someone out there who’s done some studies.

Naturally, the whole Geek-Revolution has the full support of the box-office. Hollywood Hunks (Gibson. Hah! Pitt. Double-Hah!  Bloom. Don’t let’s got there! ) are slowly being usurped by Glamorous Geeks.

Which really bugs me because for a whole lot of years, while my classmates drooled over TV Show Hotties, I took on defending the supporting stars (almost always geeks) like they were my flesh-n-blood. In a way, perhaps I was defending my self. I mean, if I could convince them that the whole ‘dark, broody & intellectual’ look was in, then I could be ‘in’ too, right? Wrong. My timing was off, so I only managed to sound like even more of an odd-ball. (In my defense, I’m an Aquarian and we’re ahead of our time.)

In a way it’s sad – I mean, if it weren’t for mainstream media, geeks would still be a hidden treasure that only a select few would be able to take advantage of… er, appreciate. Now, it’s free for all and even those who have no idea of the depth and complex facets of geekiness are going to be hungrily hunting it down.

On the other hand, it feels good to have had better taste that the rest of the crowd for so many years. 😛 The only down-side is that so far, the whole culture change is tipped in favour of the male species. But I’m hopeful, when the Take-Over happens, they won’t forget their female counterparts 🙂

That’s one of the good things about geeky men (as opposed to nerdy ones) – they’re not just smart, they’re also intelligent (and if you don’t know the difference, you have no business reading this. Go ‘way). That means that they can spot fake and shallow personalities. Hopefully. They are men after all, and that means you always have to leave a margin of error.

If you know me well (shout-outs to SK and Bzz), you’ll recognize the profusion of parenthesis as a sign that I’m slightly high on glee right now. If you don’t know me that well, then this post might read as being a little off the usual ‘inner-outer conflict’ track. I’m Muslim, yes, but we generally tend to be human as well. 🙂 That’s all the explanation I’m giving on that front.

The glee bit? Well, after years of feeling guilty for going jelly-kneed every time I came across a respectable geek, this new-fad feels like the cream that finally rose to the top of the milk-jug. Next time I come across one, I’m going to sigh, say Masha’Allah and thank God that the girls-of-collective-sighs have become women who finally got their collective acts together.

After all, geeks deserve kudos simply because of their dedication and stubborn adherence to their own unique-ness, and nothing in the world beats feminine appreciation, does it?

I leave you with the words of an official geek: 

The normal people wouldn’t know what to do if they inherited the Earth.

‘The geeks will inherit the Earth, that’s true,’ Grelck says. ‘We’re smarter and we’ll live longer. We’ll know what to do if a comet destroys Earth.’

And if you’re as unreasonably excited about all this as I am go check out Geek Chic for the inside scoop. Wikipedia also has an article on Geeks.  

Isn’t the taste of revenge is sweet on the tongue?

Bint Ali

P.S. I think one of my future posts might be called: “A Geek To Call My Own: The Ultimate Hunt.”  Then we’ll get down to the real nitty-gritty stuff…


2 thoughts on “The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

  1. Too Right!

    Yes, I think that’s something I’m learning to do. Inherently, I think all geeks know that they’re special, it’s part of what their intellectual-prowess 🙂 That self-respect that comes from knowing you’re on top of things even when the non-geeky think you’re not.

    It’s just nice to see some world-wide recognition, isn’t it? Besides, I think we all know it’s a passing fad, but once it’s gone we’ll have something interesting to tell our (hopefully geeky) kids.

    And that’s another thing. I think kids who have geeks for parents have the most interesting and amazing childhoods. It’s the icing on the cake 🙂

    I haven’t watched Heroes yet, but can’t wait for the local channels to catch up and start the series here.

    Bint Ali

    P.S. Don’t know why the url bit isn’t working – that’s blogs for you. But I have it from your previous comment – ( 🙂 I’m in the process of setting up P2 there too.

  2. you should celebrate the geek in yourself sister. i know i do. it’s definitely attractive to be obsessed (i prefer passionate) about something rather than be apathetic about everything! Masi Oka said that, not me. He’s the geek from HEROES. 🙂 And I agree with him.

    Maria (Can’t seem to leave my blog URL on your site)

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