In His Hands

The things we worry the most about are the ones that resolve themselves.  

Bint Ali

Current Saying: 
“Kindness is half of life. ” – Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (a)


2 thoughts on “In His Hands

  1. Leave it to Him

    Salaams, sis

    Trust me, it is true! I wouldn’t have said it unless I’d experienced it first-hand. I’m the classic ‘worrier’-type, but recently I’ve begun to realise the only thing you get from the effort of worrying is the silver in your hair!

    And the moment you leave it to God, everything seems to know its place and figures itself out. I guess life – like anything else – rebels when we try to control it, because it knows we’re not it’s True Master.

    I found this statement below particularly heartening and appropriate. Ibn Ata’ Allah has a way of expressing things just the way they need to be.

    “Do not despair when in spite of intense supplication, there is a delay in receiving the expected gift. He has guaranteed that He will respond in what He chooses for you, and not what you choose for yourself, and at the time He chooses – not the time you desire.”

    – Ibn Ata’ Allah

    You might find his other sayings uplifting too:

    And there’s plenty more similar stuff on the main site.

    Insha’Allah, all will be well.

    With du’as and S’laams
    Bint Ali

  2. Bismillah –
    I do hope it is true. I’m worrying about alot of things at the moment…
    Maria (

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