My Heart Is Dripping Wet…

…And I love it!  It’s raining right now. Not a drizzle, not a shower, not even a storm, just rain. The way it was meant to be. There’s lightning. Blue-white, bright light (with just a touch of lilac.) And there’s thunder (a RUMBLE, CRASH, rumble, silence.)

We drove home through a wave of watery veils, the car tearing aside the curtains, only to have them re-build the very moment we had passed through them. The heater was on, and we were breathing warm, leather-tinged air while the chill seeped in through the door seams and the tiny cracks between glass and rubber.

If you ever get so close to someone that you’re breathing their air and they’re breathing yours, does that make you one entity in a sense?

And then of course, there’s the wetness 🙂

The kind of drenching you can only achieve by standing outside in the middle of the rain – not just on the edge of a shelter or under a roof where you can jump back when the lightning flashes or the thunder rolls – right Out Side, where you can bathe in the light and the sounds as well as the water.

The kind of drenching that you can only get when you stand with your arms outstretched and ready to embrace the skies and all it sends down on you. When the ancient waters of distant oceans soak into every cell in your being.

Who knows where that water has been? What lands has it watered before it waters your soul? What essence does it carry that leaves that odd flavour on your skin that you can never quite make out the taste of? How many lives on the brink of extinction has it refreshed, revived and resuscitated? How does it know just when someone needs it?

I don’t know how many other people prayed for this elixir, or how many are cursing it right now. All I do know is that I needed it. Not on a grand-scale. Just on my own personal, life-scale. I needed it without even knowing I did, and it came.

And I’m crazy to be sitting here typing this when I should have my nose glued flat to the window, watching God wash the world clean.

Bint Ali

Current Thought: 

“I wonder what people see when they look at me?”


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