10 Things I’d Rather Not Know, But Do…

(i) I talk.  Too.  Much.

(ii) Now that I’ve started feeling, I can’t stop.

(iii) Giving in to (ii) above hurts 8 times out of 10.  The other two times, it aches.

(iv) The road to hell really is paved with good intentions.  Honestly.

(v) Wishing for something hardly ever makes it happen.  And sometimes, putting in an effort doesn’t either.

(vi) Over-analyzing stuff is a full-time full-body occupation.

(vii) I’m totally dispensible.  Even in those places I thought I wasn’t.  (Actually, especially in those places.)

(viii)  Life goes on.  Doesn’t matter if you throw a tantrum, weep, beg, plead, or wail for it to pause; it goes on.

(ix)  I can’t always be in control.  And even less so when I want to be.

(x) I don’t care what my sister says (sorry,  Bzz) – he doesn’t exist.  Not in this dimension or timeline.  

Bint Ali


2 thoughts on “10 Things I’d Rather Not Know, But Do…

  1. Lord, your spelling…! Even on public blogs it makes me cringe 😛

    And he’s name is Douglas Adams. It’s not a whozat’s galaxy, its the normal one we live in, only from his perspective.

    I still don’t think he exists. Sorry. It’s one of those “I’ll see it when I believe it” kind of things. But don’t worry, I’m not I won’t believe it when I do see it, so there’s hope for me yet, no?


  2. well prolly not totally as expected… you cant get 100% ..but more then 50 ? close to 90 ? usually you also end up knowing that the part missing can be complemented by you and vice versa 🙂 the trick is in letting down some of the expectations ..doesnt mean its second best, it just means you are adaptable. Its all in seeing the glass as half full 😀 I still pray he exists..smwhr, smplace. and hopefully not in your whozats galaxy … cant remember his name…but you know wtho i mean rite ? right :O) !!

    PS – dont ever stop talking..or feeling…. enjoy it , few are blessed with the ability. and those you wonder abt are simply jealous !!!

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