The New Face of P2

Okay, so I’ve spent more time than I should have sorting out this place. Time I could have spent doing other more constructive things, but hey, this blog has grown on me. I figure the least I can do is at least take some care of it.

So here are the updates (already done or in the works):

a) There’s access to memorable posts so you don’t have to slog through the boring stuff from past. I re-read each and every post I put up so far (some freaked me out because I couldn’t even remember writing them!) and picked out the ones I would want to remember. Get to them here or in the side panel with the rest of my links.

b) I’m going to start updating links on all the various things I find interesting. Hopefully, there should be updates on everything from crochet to animation, from religion to writing and everything inbetween that makes me go ‘hmmm’. Haven’t decided how I’ll place these, but when I do you’ll know!

c) I’ll probably make a copy of P2 on another weblog service – kind of like spreading myself out and seeking new frontiers. Again, once the new place is up, I’ll be putting the link somewhere obvious on this page.

I seriously think it’s time to shift the orientation of this place. It’s been too me-centered and while I love writing about myself, I can’t assume everyone loves reading about me 🙂 Time to share stuff and give a little TLC to all the potential P2 visitors out there.

Bint Ali


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