Colour by Numbers

In His Name

Perfection comes with so many different faces, it’s easy to miss it if you’re not looking out for it. A secret I’ve discovered is that it hides in the most unexpected places. See the new pic in my display? That’s one more face I’ve added to my growing identikit of Perfection. It’s something I saw at college that other day and it blew me away.

Okay, so you’re thinking what’s the big deal about a few coloured circles on a black square. Or maybe (hopefully) you’re not. But I’ll explain anyway. The circles show how colour modes work when using electronic/print media i.e. CMYK and RGB.  Put them together and you get the white in the middle and the outside is the pure black, which the K stands for.

Basically combinations of these give you every shade of 16 million (and then some) colours you can create on a screen or with ink.  The human eye can see a lot more, but no one’s complained about the lack of variety so far. 🙂

So there we go. What can possibly be more perfect than the fact that that little picture has everything in it? It’s like taking a humungous, complicated thesis of a theory and then condensing it into one simple, yet complete sentence.

The fact that we were able to do that doesn’t mean we’re the big geniuses who made it so. It just means the original design behind colours allowed us to make it so. And when you think about the fact that all these shades are mathematically manipulated, it takes awe into a whole new dimension.

I remember arguing…sorry, debating :P…in my first year of high school with my Chemistry teacher that art was what made the world go round, while he insisted it was science. We never did agree, although I was willing to concede that science was an art-form in itself. I think it was his refusal to give art the same respect that put me off the subject for the rest of years I was there.

I’ve thought on and off about the relationship between the two, but until I saw this picture, it never really hit me. Now I’m beginning to believe that either art is mathematical genius in aesthetic form or maths is art broken down into its basic framework.

And while mathematicians and artists are supposed to be two completely different kinds of personalities – almost alien to each other – what does it say about the One who created just the one world, one pattern, one framework for both these groups to explore to their hearts content and still find perfection no matter which way they looked at it?

I can’t explain it further than that. Either it affects you the same way it did me, or it doesn’t. I guess it’s a bit like me trying to explain to my class of teens how you can take the fact that 1 + 1 = 2, ponder over it, shake your head in amazement and then simply sigh at its perfection.

They simply give me blank looks, shake their heads in sympathy and sigh at the fact that they’ve landed me as their teacher for the year.


Bint Ali

P.S. If you sighed at the display picture, share the madness and tell someone. It feels amazing. 🙂

Current Saying: 
“If you would have trusted Allah as He deserves to be trusted then He would have fed you the way He feeds the birds.”   
– Prophet Muhammad (s)


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