Lost Life

The third week of college comes to an end and I can’t account for much of it except in terms of courses and homework. It’s like one hectic cycle of learning, but without much chance to implement what I’m gaining in the way I had intended. I’m lucky that things have been a little slow on the editing, teaching and magazine work front. But once that gets back on track, I don’t even want to think of how I’ll handle it.

I’m just trusting in Allah (SWT) and hoping it all settles.

It’s weird being in college after so long. You tend ot get disconnected from the close warmth and safety of community and home. I’ve always believed that the greatest jihad is simply going out there and trying to stay true to Islam in the midst of all that non-Islamic stuff. I should be grateful that this place is not as bad as the last one – there’s something to be said about being around Ahle Kitaab as opposed to being around polytheists. The influence of monotheism is definitiely measurable.

The only thing I find unique to myself and S (can you imagine have a member of the family in class with you? 🙂 ) is that we’re not obsessed with the course. The other students – and even the tutors – literally live for their work, whereas for us it’s a means to an end. It changes the perspective totally in that we’re dedicated to the cause and should a choice come along, it’s easy to put the coursework on a backburner. For the others, it’s the course that they’re dedicated to and that’s what their life is all about.

I can’t help feeling sorry for them sometimes.


My posts will be shorter and more spread out for the next few months, but I’ll try and share a little of what goes on in the life of a back-to-school adventurer! 🙂

Bint Ali

Back to School

Who would have thought it?  I’m back in school after years of…well, not being in school.

My mum spotted a media animation course which is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do all my life and it was in the right area so voila! barely two weeks later, I’m enrolled and sitting on the other side of the desk.

It’s only been two days so far, but we’ve learnt a lot and the course seems to be very creativity-oriented.  The teachers are those artsy-obsessed kind of men and women.  They live, breath, eat and inhale their work.  I guess it throws me because I’m just not that into the art.    I am interested, I do want to do the best I can and I know I’m a perfectionist when it comes to these things, but I do also have a life.

I was just thinking about it: so much of my day goes into things that these people don’t even know about.  It’s like I have a routine and a sort of balance that they just lack.  They wake up at 5 and go to bed at 12 and they’re constantly thinking about one thing: The Next Project.   And then weekends are spent partying, relaxing or working some more.

When I compare my life: family, eating together, chores, praying, du’as and everything else that is part of life as a Muslim, I can’t help being thankful that I have some sort of safety-net to pull me back to reality should I ever get too carried away.  At the end of the day, I can stop and remind myself that the REALLY IMPORTANT thing is not the art itself,  but how I use it for Allah (SWT).

My teachers would probably think that to be something limiting or restrictive.  It’s a little like hijab that way – different people see it differently, but only the the woman who observes it can appreciate its true beauty.

I’m praying I can hold my own against the other kids who are equally obsessed with the art side of it all and want to revolutionize the animation industry locally.  For myself, I just want to learn, enjoy the experience and then use what skills I get to make amazing stuff with Islamic themes.

That’s enough motivation to get my creative juices flowing! 🙂

Bint Ali