Treadmill Woes

Ok, so I tried out an electric treadmill the other day.   First time in my life.  The one I have is a manual one, so this was literally a brand new experience.  I loved it.   I used to love walking, but because I can’t do much of it back home I wasn’t sure if i still did like it or not.  Now I know I do.

But here’s the actual tale of woe.  On my second day at the gym, I was walking merrily away at 5. 5 km/h (in good form – arms at side, swinging back and forth like it says in all the manuals) and then this woman walks in.   She’s dressed in shorts and a sports top – while I’m in long pants, long shirt and a scarf (the gym is empty when I go but I dress that way just in case).   So Wonder Woman stands astride the machine next to me, sets the belt spinning so fast, I could hear the speed.  And then she leaps onto the mill and lands running … and keeps on running for the next 20 minutes while I’m puffing and panting and cooling down.  I slunk out at the end of my session with the steady beat of her running still echoiing behind me.

I’m hoping I’ll be a little more on the running level at the end of two months.  I don’t want to be next to Wonder Woman again, but I will miss that treadmill 😦

* * *

The one thing I’ve realised is how easy it is to fit into a different lifestyle.  We’ve been here less than a week and yet it feels like I’ve lived like this all my life.   Home is so different – the place, the weather, the house, the routine.  Sometimes I think that when I come here, it’s a sort of glimpse into that life that seems to have passed by.   The alternative life that is going on somewhere in a parallel  dimension.

I’m content where I am, but i’m only going to be here for two months.  That’s all the time there is before things go back to the normal, still-waiting-for-something kind of life.

Bint Ali


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