Home and (Not Quite) Away…

So. I’m still at home, typing this out on my trusty old, audible-click keyboard. I shouldn’t be here. I should have been checking out of the airport right about now and looking through the crowds for faces that look just familiar enough for me to recognize them, yet different enough to show the passage of time since our last meeting. But I’m not doing any of that.

Today was a lesson amongst lessons. When Allah (SWT) destines something for you, you cannot escape it. From the moment we began the day, we did everything in our power to make on that flight and although we managed to make it through every single obstacle and deadline, the end result was what it was meant to be.

And then we came home and tried to get on the next flight 7 hours later and despite a dozen calls – local and abroad – they still didn’t manage to sort out one simple issue. So I guess when I say: “I’m here”, I actually mean: “I’m where Allah (SWT) wishes me to be”.

So we fly tomorrow, God-Willing, and our visa expires the day after so we’ll lose all that money if we don’t go. But I think we’ll make it.

The interesting point I’m left to contemplate is that everyone is saying there is some good in this delay. Something bad was averted. Yet, thankfully, the flight went okay for all those who did board and go forth. How complex must the network of human destinies be – each connecting to another and yet each essentially independent.

Was our not going good for us? Or was it good for the other passengers? Did it avert an evil for our entire family or just one member? Ditto the entire plane or just a single individual? Or, even more amazing, did it make a difference and each and every one’s life who was involved?

Only Allah (SWT) could create such a mind-boggling system in an instance of Kun! (Be!) and have it run so perfectly and smoothly.

I am grateful to Him whatever the consequences are, because He only does what is best for me.

Bint Ali


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