Public Baths

Note: Sometimes I’m offline so you might pass by one day and see no post and then come back later and suddenly see one for that day . I wrote it anyway and just put it up later 🙂

There are some things that can only happen in certain countries. And then actually make it on the national evening news. I just came from watching a bunch of mini-van conductors being washed in publicly. Yes, you read right – not the mini-vans, the conductors!

Apparently, the passengers who used the public transport couldn’t stand their stench anymore, so the whole lot of them were caught, stripped to their pants, washed thoroughly and given clean-shaven heads. And they’ve been warned that should they neglect their hygiene, they’ll be in for another dousing…

I tried imagining that happening in a Western country and couldn’t count how many people would end up suing how many others! It’s a pity. Maybe that’s why there are so many tourists to ‘third-world’ countries. There is a freshness and down-to-earth atmosphere in most of them.

Here, we still live by humanity and commonsense. When I hear of the ridiculous cases that pop up in more “civilised” countries, I’m kind of glad we haven’t reached there yet. How does it mean modernisation when a burglar can sue you for hurting himself while robbing your home? How does a case of cannibalism actually get ‘contemplated’ and ‘argued’ for years?

I think on the world-level, we’ve probably reached the peak of self-destruction that Imam Mahdi (atfs) is waiting for. All that needs to happen now is for the Muslims to start joining in and once we lose our faith and beliefs, well, I’ll be heading off towards either Qum or Makkah.

Some might say if that’s my cue, then I should be packed already. But I don’t think we’re all that lost still. There’s still quite a few people who are working hard towards preserving and practicing Islam. But they are becoming less and less by the day.

Maybe the next generation or the one after that. Whoever lasts longer than that will be the one in full training for Imam (a)’s re-appearance. We just need to remember that it is individuals amongst us that need to sow the seed for them to harvest that dedication and loyalty from.

Or if Allah (SWT) Wills it, we could very well be the generation that receives him. I wonder why the thought of that brings excitement tinged with a slight shade of dread…

Bint Ali


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