Who’s Unlucky?

Friday the 13th. It’s enough to spook some people that this time, it occurred in October. Sure, many people seem understand that it’s simply a superstition, but when you read of hotels skipping the number 13 when numbering their floors or room, you begin to wonder. 

I mean even if you skip the ‘number’, it still is the thirteenth floor/room/item. How do sensible, business-savvy people still hold on to such ridiculous notions? 

When I think of 13, the first thing that comes to mind is the birthday of Imam Ali (a) 🙂 and that is more than enough to make it a wonderful number in my mind. There are 13 male members of the Masoomeen (a) too. The Prophet (pbuh) lived in Makkah for 13 years. The Muslim army at Badr had 313 men and so will the first group that joins Imam Mahdi (atfs)! 

Hey, I’m not suggesting that 13 has a special lucky significance in Islam. I’m just saying that basing luck/fate/whatever on simply a number is really not the best way to show off our intellectual prowess. 

Besides, the entire superstition is based on Christian and Norse mythology. I’ve never heard of a particular number being lucky or unlucky in Islam. Sure, people like to do things in 5’s, 12’s and 14’s, but only because these numbers remind them of special issues and are close to their hearts. But to say you can only do things in this quantity if you want them to work out…it just doesn’t sound right. 

Say Bismillah (In the Name of God) and do what you want to (as long as it is allowed) and you’ll be fine! 🙂 

Bint Ali 

Current Saying:
“And when you have made a determined decision, then proceed with trust in Allah.”
– Allah (SWT)

Tell me what *you* think!

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