Teeny Weeny Update

Okay, the party was a success – from where I’m standing – although we still have to do one of those postmortem-analysis thingys on it. (Why do we call them such a morbid name?)

But we spent too much and now we have to worry about where to get the extra cash from. And I learnt one very important lesson – to value the “little” lessons my mother taught me. It’s amazing how people never think to do the small responsible things that make all the difference in the long run.

I used to think that I was overestimating my family in that we normally take those insignificant details so seriously, but after this event and seeing the aftermath (the bits that none of the guests/kids got to see – thank God!) I will now be forever grateful to my Mum (and I’m declaring it to the cyber-world) for instilling that personal gauge in me.

Trust me. It DOES make a difference. In fact it makes ALL the difference.

That said, I’m in a rush. We leave in just over a week and I’m hoping I can spend more time blogging while on vacation (what else will I have to do?), because this isn’t a travel-and-see-the-world holiday as much as it is a family trip. Some day I’ll do the hike-across-a-continent experience and insha’Allah, this page will be here for me to tell you all about it.

Also, totally off-topic (the rush, remember?), my revised book contract came in and I have to sign it and send it off before we leave. Will hopefully manage to get that behind me and start the second phase of actually getting published by the end of the week. I’d kind of settled back into the ‘it’s in the far off future’ mode with this whole book-thing, you know and now, suddenly it’s back on track …

Ok, time to go. I have the next issue of the magazine to do (again before we go) and 1200 bookmarks to be-ribbon for the freebie in our next issue. Short-staffed takes on a whole new connotation where we work 🙂

Bint Ali


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