Big Day Tomorrow!

I know I haven’t been posting much for the past two weeks. We’re going on a two-month holiday in about a fortnight and I’ve had to finish up all my pending work. Being a procrastinator by birth means that such a simple task as tying up loose ends becomes a gigantic undertaking.

I’m marking papers I should have been done with about six months ago, returning research books, finally getting around to doing the various favours I had promised different people and naturally all the stuff that I’m committing to NOW gets pushed forward to when I come back 😐

Still, I’ve used this exercise as an excuse to get to all those things that I keep putting off -like sorting out my bead collection. Now I know for sure that I have more beads and jewellery bits than any hobbyist should! I need to be in business if I’m to excuse this out-of-control collection. (Although truth be told, most of it is recycled from old and out-of-fashion accessories.)

And then there’s tomorrow – the big kid’s party. I am praying so hard that children actually do turn up. So many that they can have lots of fun and yet, few enough so we don’t run out of prezzies 🙂 It’s weird not knowing for sure whether there will be 20 or 100 kids and having no idea if the whole thing will be a success or if it will flop. And if it doesn’t work out, what then?

Bah! This is no fun. I still have to go string ribbon (1/4 inch pale-yellow satin) on the medals for the races so I’d better stop trying not to worry and use my energy constructively.

After all whether it’s a success or not, no one will remember a few months from now. Will they?

More tomorrow. (If I survive the ordeal.)

Bint Ali


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