In The Space of One Breath

How many things change in a moment? You breath in and life is one way, you breath out and it’s done a 180 degree turn on you.

Sometimes the moments drag by, one after the other. You count them like the endless imaginary sheep that used to obligingly jump over the stile when you needed sleep. And you wonder why it takes so long for just one thing to come to pass.

And then when it does come to pass, you sit back and wonder how everything changed – even if it’s ever so slightly – with the turning of that second. Would you have waited for it so anxiously if you knew what it would bring. And now that it is here and you can’t turn it back, what do you do?
This is what every teen should be taught. That maturity and adulthood is not about having the freedom to make your own decisions, but rather the repsonsibility to make the decisions you must (even when they scare the bejeebers out of you).

I could be dead before my next post, or I could be more alive than I am now. You’ll only know if you come back to read what it says…

Bint Ali


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