Thursday Blues

I just realised something.

There is a proliferation of blue clothes in my wardrobe. And I don’t even LIKE blue. It’s not that I’ve been subconsciously buying blue stuff, because I don’t actually shop for clothes. I usually just get pass-alongs from relatives or friends, but when I do buy something, eight times out of ten it ends up being something that’s a last piece and guess what – it’s blue or some shade of blue: navy, royal, azure, baby, ice, powder or some other hue I can’t name.

Some time ago, I had a similar thing happening with greens. I wonder if anyone has a truly balanced wardrobe. I’ve been dividing my clothes according to colour now so I can keep track of what areas of the spectrum I have over-indulged in.

I’ll have to keep my posts short over the next week or so – too much work to do. So if you are reading or keeping up, don’t worry about the tit-bits, they’ll grow soon enough.

Bint Ali


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