One Down …

Okay, the play is finally over!!! It went very well, Alhamdulillah and I think the program this time was different because the speeches were by people whom we haven’t heard from before. It’s amazing how many new ideas you can get from individuals, if you only bother to listen to them.

It felt like a constructive, educational couple of hours rather than the usual regurgitation of material we’ve all heard before. For those interested, our theme was Mothers of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and we had appropriate women talking about each area.

The one thing that has been on my mind since we started dedicating this Islamic Mother’s Day to Bibi Fatimah al-Zahra (a) is how we actually relate to her. I mean we talk about what kind of mothers we should be and what kind of daughters we should be and what kind of wives, but I keep thinking that these are the roles a woman plays in her lifetime.

Take away parents, husbands, siblings and children (none of whom are guaranteed in every woman’s life) and what do you have left? That is the person I’m considering. Who is she? What kind a character does she have? What does she think, feel and do?

Being a Muslim woman is not simply about being good in your feminine roles – those are part of the job. Being a Muslim woman is about how you relate to Allah (SWT), how you follow the sunnah and how well you submit. It’s about courage and strength, about loving yourself and being confident in your servitude to Him. It’s about not being afraid of what the men around you will say or what the women around you will think of you. It’s about knowing what is right and then doing it.

It’s about being in touch with the true woman within you. And I honestly believe only Islam provides the perfect foundation for this inner growth.

Bint Ali


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