Bah! What a day! You know, one of those that insist on obeying Murphy’s Law at every twist and turn? Yup. I had it full-on. We’re supposed to be rehearsing the play for tomorrow and today was supposed to be our first proper go onstage.

To begin with, half the people couldn’t turn up on time. Which wasn’t their fault because everyone had a genuine reason – I just don’t know why everyone’s crisis chose to occur at the same time across the entire group.

What was worse was actually getting the stages and backdrops in place. Our community seems to have a lackadaisical approach to everything! How much responsibility does it take to follow a few simple instructions?

Put Object A in Place B by Time C – that’s all I asked. But when I reached the mosque, Object A was nowhere in sight, Place B was empty of all life (and Object A) and Time C had long passed into history.

Punctuality and organisation seem to be foreign terms and worst of all, when you try to delegate, you end up regretting it. I spent most of my life being a do-it-all-myself kind of person and only recently began to trust others enough to handle the work I wanted done. But when they let you down in such a large-scale, it’s really, really hard to believe that it’s better working in a team.

I think that theory should be corrected and a clause added that says it all depends on the kind of team you’re working with. I guess more than anything, I’m bothered by the fact that these people are capable of doing these tasks, they just don’t seem to care.

How can you make people interested in the project if they don’t care about it as much as you do? I’ve tried everything: involving them, asking their opinion, implementing their suggestions – nothing seems to work. Maybe next time, I need to let it go and embarrassment be dam*ned.

For now, I’m stuck with this and second-guessing myself at every turn. Should I really worry? It’s not my program after all. Why am I so bothered? I guess the only answer to that one for now is that I’m a perfectionist. I just need to figure out when it’s okay for things not to be so perfect.

Tomorrow is another long day. We still haven’t managed to get the mikes (I was told at 8.45 p.m. that the 3 wireless mikes I was waiting for were not going to make an appearance – just like the stages, carpets, backdrops and props) and there hasn’t been a proper rehearsal. The only thing fully solved is the curtains. And that after I fretted over it since 9.30 a.m. and then found out at about 9.30 p.m. that it could be solved with a couple of ordinary nails and a simple elastic baggage cord. AARGH!

Maybe that has a hidden lesson in it. Fret not, for all things fall in place by themselves. But do they really?

Bint Ali


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