The Simple Life

Where to start? That is the question. Contract is coming within a week. I was so excited I misread their last mail – something I seem to do quite often recently (I blame the high school lesson on speed-reading – it’s addictive).

The netball experience was amazing. I loved watching those girls – they had so much talent, masha’Allah! It was all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and wanting to join the game. The school was really hospitable, everyone friendly and offering tea and lunch and all kinds of things. Which I had to politely decline.

It was surprising to find myself comfortable in a totally strange zone. I think perhaps that growing up extended into how I was able to handle it all. Maybe I finally passed that point in time when things seem to be shifting in perspective (again) and the Big Issues just don’t seem so Big anymore.

Life happens. And it mostly it happens in a very simple, straightforward manner. We just seem to find it so important to complicate our existence – as if that’s what gives it more meaning – that we make mountains out of every excuse of a molehill we can find.

Hasn’t Allah (SWT) told us over and over again that this world is just a play and a sport? A stage upon which we refine our act and audition for our place in the Hereafter? If only we would learn.

While I try and figure that one out, I have to make yet another phone call – to ask about when the netball piece will appear. I chickened out today. Which just proves that practice does not make it easier to handle a phobia. Plus, the editor had promised a photographer and we waited for him from three hours, but the man/woman never appeared. That is not a good omen. But I’m praying for the best … this piece could open doors to more sports writing. (Me, a sports writer? My friends are chuckling if they’re reading this).

On a more positive note, I did start working on my second manuscript – I still can’t figure out why me hero would do the unforgivably bad thing that he does do and get forgiven for anyway. I can handle the other bits fine, but WHY is the problem.

Hey, before I end off, I got a call from a local organisation today asking me to review the first chapter of a sci-fi manuscript from a writer under welfare. The poor guy almost fell for the oldest trick in the book and actually considered paying a publisher to handle his manuscript, but he couldn’t afford it and approached this organisation for funding. They in turn asked me and I get the first chapter tomorrow.

If it’s worth supporting, I just might have a paid project on my hands 😀

Bint Ali
Current non-Islamic Read:
Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight (Alexandra Fuller)
Current Saying: :
“Everything has a foundation, and the foundation of Islam is love for us, the Ahl al-Bayt.” – The Holy Prophet (s)


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