All Grown Up! :P

I did it, I did it, I-did-it, diiiid-it! Nah, nothing as major as you think – I made phone calls!! Now for those of you who don’t know me, this is about as major as it gets for me. I have a severe case of telephonophobia. Add to that the fact that I also have a severe case of initiatophobia. I have no problems getting along once I’ve started, but the bit where I have to make the first move – especially if there is a chance that the person at the other end might say no…*shudder*

So I’m pretty proud of myself *pausing to encouragingly pat self on back* – I wrote to the publishers (initiating) and asked them what happened about the contract. Of course I blended it in between a few ‘updates’ from my end so it kind of rolled off the end of the email. However, I’m glad to report that not only did the world not end, but (and this is important!) they responded! and said they’ll send the contract by the end of this week! and thanked me for my patience!!!

And then, to add to my victory in that area, I got a call today from Mrs.K – I had written a piece on her daughter (lovely girl) about two years ago and she wanted me to cover a netball tournie this weekend. Now apart from the fact that I don’t know a netball from a shuttlecock, I had to call (telephone AND initiate) the local dailies and ask if they’d be interested. Naturally, I went to home-front and called the paper I write more regularly for.

Asked for the Sports Editor and guess what? He recognized my name! From the weekend supplement. Talk about ego-boosters! So anyway, he’s interested, I’m covering the piece and I even get to call for the photographer (I smell the sweet scent of Power!) and tell him when to come and what to do.

Now have to work on angle and learn everything about netball before 9 a.m. Saturday so I know what they’re doing when they jump around after that ball in the court. HELP! Where’s my Google bar!

Binte Ali


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