24 hours and counting…

Okay, so they said by 31st May – the publishers that is. Only thing is that they said it a month ago and I haven’t really communicated with them since. Partly because I was so busy trying to do other things to distract me from remembering that I had a month to wait, and partly from being too chicken. Point is, there’s the proverbial twenty-fours left before I know if they’ll remember or forget.

In the meantime at least have the magazine to keep my mind off things. The printing deadline is tomorrow and even as I finish it off, I’m wondering how this figures in my experience and expertise department. I guess since I work on a semi-voluntary basis, I’ve never stopped to analyse the professional side of my work.

After almost 4 years of handling graphics, editing and design I must have picked up some skills along the way, right? That’s my biggest ever problem, inability to assess my own work. Thank God, I’m not pursuing graphics right now, so I don’t have to worry too much about that. If I do in the future, I’ll think about it then. (It’s all about living in the Now. 🙂 )

Will be back to update tomorrow – too jittery to do any coherent thinking for now.

Bint Ali


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