Ordinary Days

Things are pretty much the same as they’ve always been. I went into a mindless burst of crochet frenzy and made a couple of ponchos, a curly-potato-chip scarf that I probably won’t ever wear in public and am in the middle of my third filet doily in ecru.

Did you know ecru refers to a pale cream or beige colour? If you’ve done crochet or live in the West, you’re probably going “Duh! Is this the million dollar question we’ve come all this way to read?” But honestly, it’s amazing how cut-off the world is from us in some ways.

When I first began to crochet and work in filet, the only books I could find were Ondori ones from the 80’s. I still have them and I still can’t find any of the new ones in bookstores. After getting online, I was amazed at the variety of techniques and patterns available (and so many for F*ree!) Anyway, my first patterns always said No.10 Ecru and for the life of me I couldn’t tell what ecru was. I thought it was a brand name like Anchor, DMC or Red Heart (I didn’t know RH existed till about a year ago).

After all, I couldn’t tell a No.10 thread from a No.40 one and while the numbers became familiar, I still have no way of differentiating them. Over here, I work with one standard thread thickness and my wool varieties come in 4-ply, double knitting and chunky or more easily – thin, medium and thick.

When I browse silently through discussion groups where I don’t dare become a member because even the amateurs speak a lingo I have no access to, I am amazed that even small-town residents in these groups have access to the same materials. If someone says Lion Brand something-something wool, everyone knows what they’re talking about. I had to google LB to find what they were and then I discovered eyelash wool (teehee!)

The point is, we still crochet here and sometimes even better stuff than those abroad, but no one will accept a pattern from me because I’ll say something like 3 balls of Winterking or 5 balls of Seagull and who the hell knows what I mean?

The world truly is a big place. And yet despite it’s big-ness, it’s still only a temporary playground. Eesh! The complexity of it all!

Bint Ali


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