Things take a Normal Turn

Well, people liked my Open Letter from Your Mother piece. I actually got written responses – which feels so wonderful! If readers knew how much a simple line can do for a writer’s ego, I’m sure they’d make a point to say something whenever they could.

Now I’m dreaming of another play, even as the reports still wait to be written and my assignment sits half done (the latter because of fear of disappointing my tutor as usual). I don’t think I’ve ever met a writer as chicken as myself 😛 If that even makes sense.

I had a sorta critique the other day from someone I kinda respect. I gave him the manuscript of Surviving Zahra to read just to see what man would say about the book, and he said it kind of dragged him down (oh dear!) especially in the first two pages.

Now remember, everyone who’s read it so far has loved the first chapter and said it grabs and is full of suspense. Of course, it’s a setting for the seriousness of the theme, because the rest of the book is pretty lighthearted on the surface. The first chapter is supposed to provide the grey-ness that lies underneath the bright facade that my heroine presents throughout the book.

Then he told me he’d only read two pages and made this decision. I’m not sure how well to take that. Is that an example of criticism to ignore or it is good advice? I guess I won’t know until my editor sets to butchering my current draft – which reminds me, only two weeks to go before I can expect my contract!

God! I hope it’s one I can sign without having to compromise much.

Bint Ali
Current saying:
If you expect someone to do more than he is able to do, then expect him to fail you by as much as you have exceeded his capacity – Imam Ali (a)


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