Sweet Success

We did the rehearsal today and they like it!! I can’t believe how well the reception was and yes, I was still thinking silly things like ‘Are they just being nice?’ and ‘Are they now doing it because they’re here and committed?’ and ‘Was that a grimace I saw? Why didn’t she laugh louder at that funny part?’

I need help. Seriously.

And all this doubt, when my article for Mother’s Day has also been accepted. I wrote a letter from a mother to her daughter describing the pains and not-so-rosy part of childbirth and upbringing. Let’s hope people like that…oops! There we go again.

I have a feeling that the only way I’m ever going to get over this stumbling block of not-quite-writer’s-block is by just writing and not stopping to think before sending out my work. Yes, it may mean that I will make some mistakes and not be a perfectionist in my queries to begin with, but it seems the only way I can past the endless self-analysing.

The fire in my fingers has cooled a little. I still have two reports, and SK agreed to help with the Sahifa-e-Sajjadiyyah self-help book that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. Everyone says how the du’as in it are excellent and without compare. Working on a book about it is an excuse to make me read it thoroughly myself and also to do something worthwhile.

There’s also a couple of pieces I’d love to do for TConFri that have been simmering in my brain for months now (since last year infact). That’s another area to work on, the rate at which my ideas mature. Sometimes I write and edit and re-edit pieces in my head for weeks before even getting the first written draft out onto screen. It’s not a healthy turnover if I want to be more prolific.

Bint Ali
Current Islamic Read:
Mysteries of the Soul (Al Ghazali)
Current non-Islamic Read:
History of Time (Stephen Hawking)
Current Saying:
A man is hidden beneath his tongue – Ali bin Abi Talib


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