The Fingers are on Fire!


Did the two articles AND the play (seven scenes in two days). I’m feeling pretty writer-ish. Although I can’t say how long the feeling will last. Still I do have a couple of weeks before the next Mujtaba issue so I’m hoping I can manage to get more constructive work done in the meantime. Like my writing assignment! Had forgotten all about that.

I really need to get into the fiction section so I can get a professional to assess my fiction. If only i didn’t have to trudge through all the non-fiction to get there… I wonder if my tutor even remembers me!

But I’m writing. Won’t let anything dampen the gooey, nice feeling I’m getting inside from that. I just hope the girls like the play and most important that S Aunty does. She’s the final word on it and it might be a wee bit too controversial. Dunno.

Will let you know. Am off to write something else now…

Bint Ali


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