How the Words are Going…

Just a writing update. Done the essay and sent it to MWA for review. It’s the first time I sent my work out for a proper critique and it was an amazing experience. After the initial shock of seeing highlighted text and corrections in red, I actually read the comments and they made a lot of sense.

I knew there were bits of the essay that didn’t flow well and other places where it stumbled and sr. A dealt with exactly those bits. Which increases my confidence in her, and also makes me realise that a good critique does wonders and doesn’t hurt as much as I imagined it might 🙂

Now I need to get started on my novel – which I still haven’t because of all the other work waiting in line. Still have to do two reports, two articles and a play! When the work pours in, it literally does that!

This time, I might actually get some proper writing done. Pity I might not get paid for it.

Bint Ali


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