Reality Check

Well, I did it again. Fell for the oldest ego-trick in the book. Here I was thinking I had done some grand thing by writing an Islamic fiction book and next thing I know, I’m finding writers all over the place – people who have been at it much longer than I have.

They started writing while I was dreaming, imagining, doubting, fearing, procrastinating and doing everything else I shouldn’t have been doing instead of putting my seat to the chair and WRITING!

I have to get over this fear. It’s not just writer’s block, it’s an issue of deep-seated pride. I mean if I’m afraid to write because of what people think, then I’m writing for the people.

Ali ibn Abi Talib (a) has clearly stated that you should not look at the gravity of the sin you commit, but look at the One against Whom you are committing it. The same goes for good deeds, right? It shouldn’t matter what people think, every word presented to Him in full sincerity stays in His account.

So in actual fact, if I manage to fix my intention, then my writing paves my way to the Hereafter. How many people can say really say the thing they absolutely love doing is also ibadat?

Intention – that’s where it all lies, doesn’t it?

Bint Ali


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