At the Beginning…

Miladun Nabi Mubarak all you guys and gals out there! 😀

I can’t believe how fast the year has turned around. This is like the Muslim New Year and now I actually have goals and aims to look out for. I don’t know what this year will hold. Usually, I can predict that I’ll be sitting in just such a chair infront of my trusty screen typing away a message similar to the one I did on just such a day, one whole year ago. I’ve been through that cycle for a few years now so there was no great reason to doubt it.

And in honest truth, I still feel pretty much in the same place. What a life, eh? Predictable, not only from day to day, but from year to year. I guess the changes haven’t yet set in for this year.

I have a new over-enthusaistic keyboard – which normally would be the highlight of the year. But there’s more when I actually think about it. There’s the lectures from Muharram that have inspired me to get in touch with the Qur’an more. There’s the possible contract for the book I’ve been working on for two years now and can barely believe might (just might) be published by the end of the year.

There’s the change in madrasa classes. Handing over my old class to another teacher was like breaking out of a cycle I had forced myself into. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost touch with that part of my life and community.

There’s my application the Muslimah Writers’ Association – I’m so hoping that will go through. And there’s plenty to write about and for. I just need to believe that I CAN produce that many words worth reading.

I guess the only thing lacking is a sense of expectancy. I’m not ‘waiting’ for anything. I’m going to try and be happy with whatever I get and make the best of it. Live in the Now of my Life.

My only focus will be to become a better person and a better Muslim. To work on my personal relationship with Allah (SWT).

When I was reading Nahjul Balagha the other day, I read how Imam Ali (a) describes sins. In Sermon 16, he says:
“Beware that sins are like unruly horses on whom their riders have been placed and their reins have been let loose so that they would jump with them in Hell. Beware that piety is like trained horses on whom the riders have been placed with the reins in their hands, so that they would take the riders to Heaven.
“There is right and wrong and there are followers for each. If wrong dominates, it has (always) in the past been so, and if truth goes down that too has often occurred. It seldom happens that a thing that lags behind comes forward.”

It’s time to take back the reins of my horse and stop lagging behind. I just pray it’s not too difficult a breaking in for me.

Bint Ali


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