Published? Me?

I wonder if I sent off vibes across the seas yesterday when I was thinking about writing. The publisher who is interested in my manuscript just wrote back. They’ve sent me a questionnaire to fill in for marketing purposes, and it’s totally freaked me out.

I mean, I write. That’s what I do. I’ve not had any major training in writing or done a degree course in English. I don’t go to conferences and have a high-flying writer kind of lifestyle. I just write.

So how will I help them market the book better? I know this is going to be difficult and they want it back as soon as possible. Thus, the fact that I am literally on the line that borders a full-blown state of panic.

I just don’t have an impressive enough resume to suit a writer who wants to publish a novel. All I have is my novel itself and my dream for this kind of writing.

Lord help me – ‘coz I need every ounce of talent I can muster to make my two page worth of information have a four page worth of impact.

When I force myself to think about it, I know much of this reluctance also stems from the fact that this is serious business. It’s not just about telling a good story, it’s now about convincing people that the story is really as good as I believe it is, even before they’ve read it!

I guess working on community level has made me complacent. Everything is laid back and taken as it comes. I expected these publishers to be the same, even as I was announcing to everyone around me that I hoped they’d be ‘professional’. And now that they are, I’m afraid I won’t be.

I guess I really did begin this in the name of God, and I always wanted it to be for Him and Him alone. So now that I’ve begun my journey with Him as my goal, I can rely on Him to handle the obstacles and stumbles along the way.

Lemme get cracking on at least the factual information I can easily put it. Name? Should I use a pseudonym? Address? Which one should I use?

Oh drat!

Binte Ali


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