Seriously Blogging

Just heard the most excellent qasida about Me’raj. One of those things that reminds you of the power of poetry. Just a few words put together and somehow they manage to send you into raptures.

I want to be able to write like that one day. Right now, I’m working with prose and while some days are a struggle, on others I can come up with a set of sentences or an expression that I can feel is ‘right’. That’s when I remember why I love writing so much.

The fact that I can manipulate words to make an impact sometimes only seems to increase my reluctance to do so. What if I make the wrong impression on people? I truly believe in exploring the area of Islamic Fiction, especially for young adults, but how much of that is for personal satisfaction and how much is solely for Him?

That I’m still trying to figure out.

I guess it’s like my brother says. You start out at one level and then progress higher. But if you never start out to begin with, then there’s no chance to move forward.

I’ll keep you updated on how well my first Islamic Fiction Novel is going, so do check in every so often.

Binte Ali


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