Goodbye, Dear Keyboard…

After my last post, my keyboard conked out completely – only alternate rows of keys were working and while I was sorely tempted to try writing mails with only the ASDF row and numerals (I’m sure I would managed something legible, don’t know how relevant it would have been though) I just didn’t have the psyche to put in any effort. So I tatted instead. 

I’m getting faster at that. I think I’ll soon progress past small doilies and lace edgings into larger stuff. Only problem is, what will I do with the finished products? People here are so used to handcrafted stuff that telling them the a piece of lace is handmade gets no more than a “Hmm, is it?” reaction.  

Ah well. 

Getting back to the keyboard – which is where we were before I deviated into thread – I got a new one. It’s clean (I messed up the other one, because I tried to clean it after a year. You don’t want to know what the inside looked like) and new (as in spanking). It’s also bright. Hurts the eyes with its newbie, fresh-out-of-the-bubble-wrap glow. 

Plus, it’s a feather-touch. Yuck. I was so used to my trusty, slightly rusty keyboard that I needed to literally clunk at to get responses from. It would give me satisfying clicks in return. It was almost like having a conversation: “Gimme an A *click*, Gimme a T *click* *re-click*”. We understood each other. *weep* 😦 

But perhaps this new keyboard will bring fresh inspiration with it. Which reminds me, no word from the publisher yet. They did say May 31st, but that’s TWO WHOLE MONTHS away. Where shall I find the patience? 

Binte Ali


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