Enter a new month

Hey, this is officially a new month for my blog, and although I’ve only just started it, it feels like a milestone already.

I guess it’s appropriate to make a comment about April Fools’ Day, but seriously I can see nothing worth advertising about making fun of others. Laughing at another person’s gullible nature has never been something I’ve found amusing. Perhaps because I’ve never enjoyed being at the other end of the joke. It makes me feel too vulnerable (a theme we shall be visiting often in the coming weeks and months).

Having said that, if people want to go about playing practical jokes on each other, that’s their business. I just wish they’d leave me out of it.

On a serious-ish note, I was trying to figure out why I began this blog. I mean sure, I wanted to write and share what I believe to be pertinent issues about being a young, Muslim woman/writer in the 21st Century, but there should be more, no?

The more I read about being the right kind of Muslim, the more I find emphasis on submitting so totally to Allah (SWT) that everything I do should be a means to pleasing Him and becoming closer to Him.

He shouldn’t be the top priority in my life. He should be the ONLY priority.

That’s why I loved this saying by the 6th Imam, Ja’far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq (a) that I came across:
“Write (what you know) and spread your knowledge amongst your friends. At the time of death, transfer your knowledge as inheritance to your children, for when times are hard, nothing gives you company and consoles you more than a book.”

Perfect, isn’t it? Since I don’t have any children and don’t know if I ever will, I figured the new adaptation of putting your words down on paper (which I already do in personal journal) was to start a blog.

I haven’t come across any Muslim blogs that deal with the issues of being a single female struggling against the norms of society in order to find a place within Islam. But if you’ve read one or have one, do pass on the url. I need all the friends I can get.

Binte Ali


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